Quota Points

1.$530Chris Philippy332Hopefully the King won't bring him down on Sunday.
2.$530Zach Skidmore259Is Zach's quota to low for the bomber?
3.$530Dan Vogler23102 rounds under his belt this year…sounds like he has a chance.
4.$530John Acampora2310Have not seen a lot of postings of golf this summer…may be in the same boat as the King.
5.$530Pete Freitas2013Is 20 oints to low for the new guy?
6.$440Pete Lincoln2013New courses could help him keep his swing in control.
7.$530John Foss1914Champ…is a repeat in order?
8.$530Fran Incrovato1715Always in it…may need to put a Fran bump up every year.
9.$440Will Mungere1616I still think Will is sandbagging..if you can only shoot well on Sunday.
10.$440Dave Vogler1517He's back…now to shake off the rust.
11.$530Brendon Beaulieu1418Now that Zack has one year under belt…Brendon can be Brendon again.
12.$440Dave Gregoire1418He always lying await in the weeds to pounce on the Grail.
13.$300Miguel Baez1418He has a chance as long as he has Elo's Pizza for a late night snack.
14.$440Mike Passcucci1219Always a threat if he keeps the ball straight.
15.$440Steve Vogler1120Can he survive a Saturday round to give him a push n Sunday?
16.$440Jeremy Ladd1021Hopefully thnking about retirement doesn't bring down his game.
17.$530Mike Tate1021Will Mr. Friday show up for Sunday? Always steady on Saturday.
18.$440Paul Barry1021Played better on Sunday last year…now he just needs to put in two good days.
19.$440Rich Paris1021Just don't think about cousin Bobby's bad back.
20.$440Bob Beliveau922Can the Cat's back hold for the weekend? May need someone to pick the cornhole bags for him.
21.$530Gary Barefoot922No need to say FORE around this guy.
22.$440Tom Kaled822Can he out duel the Cat from the blue tees?
23.$530Bill Sasser723Will Pennsylvania represent this year?
24.$457Bryan Hunt624Always hangs around the money list…now to put it all together.
25.$530Chris Mancini624Can Chris make his quota one day this year?
26.$440Mike Bernetich624He's back…we will see on Friday.
27.$457Rick Hunt624It is all about the snacks.
28.$530Bruce Blay426Looked promising in April…did he lose focus during the summer.