Quota Points

1.$435Chris Philippy305Flip is way over due to win again.
2.$435Pete Lincoln221130 Points at Stonebridge…not always good to tell the King of these tales…still dropped you to 22.
3.$435Dan Vogler2013Can the King rise again to dominance?
4.$0Nick Doucet2013Potential is there…can he control the occasional wild shot…or should he stick to Cornhole.
5.$435Sean O'Connell1914Done…enough said.
6.$435Fran Incrovato1715Get the bubble wrap ready…no injuries before this Grail.
7.$435John Acampora1715Johnny Ack…always a big threat…could rooming with Guap slow him down? Hmm
8.$435Brendon Beaulieu1517One more year until the King drops his quota…hang in there Brendon.
9.$435Dave Gregoire1418Hands down the only other golfer to have a roller coaster of years…just like the King…except the King has not crossed into the plus in awhile.
10.$435John Foss1418By far the happiest drinker in the group…looking forward to playing golf with you at the Grail.
11.$235Miguel Baez1418By far the unhappiest drinker in the group..jk…keep the speeches to a minimum…lol.
12.$0Mike Passcucci1219I think Mike is due…not sure what three days will due for him…seems to shoot better on Sunday.
13.$385Bob Beliveau1120The Cat is getting older and his quota has dropped yet another point.
14.$435Jeremy Ladd1021Look out Sebago…Laddy is back…watch out guests and resort workers.
15.$385Mike Tate1021Known as Mr. Friday…it may work for you this year.
16.$0Paul Barry1021Always a wild card…I expect him to one of the leaders after Friday.
17.$385Rich Paris1021Ah…the Paris' boys…still not sure if Rich can win again.
18.$435Steve Vogler1021Looking forward to win from the Pennsylvania Kid.
19.$435Tom Kaled1021To make up for sleeping in trailers…the King has lowered your quota…plus you getting old.
20.$385Al Paris922Al is a total unknown…I see him floating around 9 quotas each day.
21.$435Brian Beaulieu822Potential to win…I will keep Hunt out of your group for the weekend and may have a chance.
22.$435Bill Sasser723Bill's Ass…The Sasserman…whoever he is…showed promise at Sunday River.
23.$385Bryan Hunt624Not sure what Friday is going to do Bryan…Sunday will be interesting.
24.$385Mike Bernetich624Can the grip it and let it rip man perform at the Grail?
25.$385Rick Hunt624I hope the back holds out for three days.
26.$435Bruce Blay426Did Bruce practice enough in the off season…can he beat Foot this year…should be interesting.
27.$430Gary Barefoot426The Footman…three rounds may help…but I am not sure his liver and stomach can take it.