Congratulations to Zach Skidmore and Mike Pascucci...2022 Holy Grail Champions.

2023 Grail Information Package
26th Annual Holy Grail Tournament

Fran's Hole-In-One on #13 @ Crown Point GC...ball mark and the finger to prove it.
Grail Facts and Lore:
1.  Pete Lincoln averages a +2 on Saturday, while dropping to a -4 on Sunday.  His only postive Sunday was the year he won.  Looks like he replaces Bryan as 'Mr. Saturday'.
2.  Fran Incrovato owns the record for the overall closest to the pin with a Hole-In-One at Crown Point GC.
3.  Bryan Hunt and an ungoverned golf cart are a bad mix...Point Sebago 2009.
More to come...hopefully...
The Grail Gag Award (aka Mike Tate Award)
2022 Steve Vogler
2021 Jeremy Ladd
2020 Mike Tate
2019 Bob Beliveau
2018 Mike Tate
2017 Brian Beaulieu
2016 John Foss
2015 Sean O'Connell
2014 Rick Hecker
2013 Mike Tate
2012 Brendon Beaulieu
2011 Steve Casey
2010 Fran Incrovato
2009 Scott Murray
2008 Jim Goodwin
2007 Steve Vogler
2006 Dave Gregoire
2005 Bill Gover
2004 Bryan Hunt
2003 Dave Gregoire
2002 Bryan Hunt
2001 Pete Lincoln
2000 Mike Tate
1999 Bob Beliveau
1998 Mike Tate