Bethel - Cape Cod - Dunegrass

Dunegrass 2006

Let the games begin...

How are you going to swing with the Mackenzie handicap strapped to your back!!! Although she could hold your beer. Is your room going to need a crib? And no, not for Laddy...Tater
Tater, leave Flip alone, at least we know he's going. He won't need a crib for Laddy, just some diapers... Guapo
Fuck off dave, I wasn't talking to you!... Tater
The elite players like Flip and myself have to stick together... Guapo
By Oct. Mackenzie should have a pretty good golf swing and I would put money down that she could beat quite a few of the grailer's...Flip
Your right dave, you are elite. I'm not even quite sure if flip is in the same "eliteness" as yourself. You've proven that you no longer are just grailors eye-candy, but rather a forminable opponent. One who should be taken seriously, along with the likes of the "Voglers", the "Beaners"(no, not mexicans), the Croasdales, all champions, and thus you should be treated as such, with respect and servitude(whatever the hell that means). No longer are you a stepping stone, the likes of the Blays, the Casey's, the Kaleds, the Laddy's, and dare I say the Beaulieu's, but a true champion in every sense of the word. Sir, you have my respect and admiration. For some day I too hope become 1/2 the man you are...Tater
Yo least I show up and bring it...why you bringing me into this...your cheffy pussy self is some a champion then talk...YOU HAVE NO CHIRPING RIGHTS, SO DON'T DROP NAMES...ME , Blay, and Casey showed up and Laddy Cheffy...bring your utensils and your magic club and lets see if you can build up a lead on day 1 and fold on doubt you can!!!!...Tom Kaled
Above quotes made on Feb 17th...response from the King and 2-Time Champ... as for eliteness, my record speaks for for the wannabees, keep barking, the Champs don't understand's good to be the king...Arthur